Client Reviews

Andrew Prior - Vancouver

"Ben has now helped my family with the sale of two properties, while also helping us purchase a property. My wife and I are both professionals and deal extensively with other professions in our respective careers - and we cannot recommend Ben highly enough. Ben is an extraordinary professional who puts in the time and research to understand the market, his clients and potential buyers/sellers. I value his input and opinion and I have always been struck by how important it is to him to approach each property as a unique business transaction and not just a typical house sale. Given the prices in Vancouver, people can and should demand more of their realtor. Ben and his team not only understand this, but in my view are leaders in providing a complete service experience that rivals the best professionals in the city."

Michael Whitfield - Vancouver
"Ben helped us sell our condo and purchase our new townhouse which was still under construction; I have heard many horror stories about similar situations. Ben was on top of all the details and made sure we didn't have any surprises. His advice was right-on and he always did what he said he would do, making sure that we had a good experience through what could have been a very stressful situation. I would definitely recommend Ben."
Stu Grierson & Lise Kuhr – Vancouver
“Ben helped us navigate the real estate market recently with the purchase of my first home. In a time when hard working agents are difficult to come by, it was great to find Ben. Even when our focus shifted from condominium to detached house, after investing a lot of time in the condo search, Ben remained committed to our quest. He offered a lot of insight into the market and neighborhood and his hands on approach helped us secure the purchase. It has a pleasure working with Ben and we recommend his services to anyone looking for an agent.”
Thomas Bramble - Vancouver
"Not often am I as compelled to write a testimonial as this. The attention, patience and focus received from Ben throughout my long and inconsistent house search has been un-matched. Throughout this unfamiliar process I was helped and educated to buy the house that was a better match to my requirements than I myself appreciated at the time. I would recommend Ben's services without reservation to anyone entering or returning to the property market in the Vancouver area."
Nadia Guerra - Vancouver
"Ben made the buying a new place process a comfortable and stress-free experience. He went out of his way to accommodate me and my parents and provided all the knowledge necessary to help us make the right decision. His great disposition and experience in the market make him a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him to any of our friends or family that are looking to purchase a new home."
David Daniels - Vancouver
"Working with Ben was a wonderful experience. From day one, he took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and to explain the current subtleties of the market. As a first time buyer, I had questions about everything and he always took the time to answer each and every one of them. He was extremely thorough in their research prior to viewings and quick to point out aspects of a home that wouldn’t work for me. I never felt pressured with Ben - he simply kept working until we found something that was perfect for me. He really made me feel that I was important to him; at the end of the day he was more concerned with my satisfaction than with making a sale. When it came time to sell my place and upgrade to something larger, I knew who to call!"
Neil James - Richmond
“I had the pleasure of partnering with Ben to search for a house. The assistance he provided in helping me find the best available home to suit my requirements exceeded my expectations of what a real estate agent would provide. Though I faced difficult negotiations with the property owner that threatened to scuttle its purchase on several occasions, it was only through the serious time and effort that Ben invested into arbitrating my conflicting demands that I was ultimately successful in purchasing the home. I am extremely impressed with Ben's dedication to his customer’s satisfaction, and cannot possibly recommend his services more highly.”
Ailsa Brown - Vancouver
“The thought of navigating buying my first place without Ben is now unthinkable. No matter how many times I asked the same question, he answered it plainly and calmly. No matter how many times I wanted to spend out of my budget, he wouldn’t let me. And no matter how many times I’d convinced myself this one the right one, out of sheer desperation, he reminded of what my overall wish list was, and suggested that this place might not really, truly fit the bill. It was like buying a home with your conscience perched on your shoulder, whispering sensible things to you all the time. Sometimes cheerleading, sometimes cautioning. With genuine concern for putting me and my daughter into the best possible place, no matter how long it took, Ben’s professionalism, enthusiasm and local market/neighbourhood knowledge resulted in a very happy ending – a home I love, in a neighbourhood I love, for a competitive price. I know I couldn’t have done it without him.”
Christina Tan - Vancouver
"It was a real pleasure having Ben as my real estate agent. Right from the get-go, he approached things with eagerness and professionalism. By working together to establish rigorous criteria at the start, we were able to refine my search so as not to waste time viewing countless unsuitable properties. This strategy paid off, as I quickly found a place that met all my criteria and with little effort (at least on my part!). From there, Ben reviewed various negotiation strategies with me, and together we decided on the best way to secure the property at a price that I was comfortable with. He skillfully handled the negotiation and put me at ease throughout the process. From start to finish, Ben was first-rate, making the home-buying experience the joy that it should be."